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Nature destination

Coming to our campsite is more than putting down your luggage or putting up your tent. That’s a nature connection moment, with sharing and coming back to simpler values. Taking time to observe birds, listening to cicadas’ song or looking at the sunset. Simpliestly the freedom of coming back to the essential and taking time with your family.

Here, your holidays take place in the open air, you live in the heart of nature and you respect it.


Nature destination ...

*We created some plots of shared gardens with seeds outcoming from organic farming and for some, from old varieties resisting to the drought 

*An orchard created in 2018 is starting to give its first fruit. You will be welcome to taste our work fruit.

*No pesticide. No environment toxic product is used and we practise rational mowing to let nature develop its own refuges areas for small animals and insects.

*A compost bin is at your disposal to reduce as much as possible wastes. Once the compost done, it will be used at the bottom of the trees and for further planting.


*We mainly use eco-friendly detergents for the sanitary facilities and rentals.

*Since 2018 we are LPO shelter (that means birds protection ligue) : 

*We are engaged with them in bringing help to the birds in winter, creating nesting spots, breeding sites, and creating an eco-friendly environment, which protects your health !

You will also find insect hotels for a better biodiversity.

*You can see some terra-cotta lids at the bottom of young trees and shrubs.They are called Oyas (pot) : eco-friendly and natural watering pottery used for more than 4000 years. It’s a water container buried next to the cultures, which distributes water according to their needs, such as a microporous pipe.

The ideal place for young kids. ........

You would like to live memorable family moments, thus the campsite Les Rives de l’Aygues is the ideal setting to share and have fun easily.

Our campsite offers plenty of activities for your children who will remember these wonderful memories.

They will enjoy the site, closest to nature, and will become camping followers.

*Enjoy with your children the pleasant river which flows along the campsite : the river Aygues. This name comes from a provençal work “aïgo” which means “water”.

*3 playgrounds in a preserved environment for your children from 3 to 12 years old. Zipline, climbing, slide and wood structures. On the whole more than ten games which make your children’s happiness. They can also enjoy the volley ball court and the tennis-table table.

The animations

 *Organised workshops 4 mornings a week in high season and “on demand” in low season. Your children will work on different topics such as for example, plants, stones painting, recycled material items making.

 *Some family activities are proposed on the theme of Nature. Children discover and learn while playing.

 *A padding pool for the youngest and a swimming-pool for the oldest. Kids play and adults relax.

 *The snack bar has got a games room : after eating their meal, children run towards it to play and adults finish their evening peacefully.

 *In high season, a DJ evening is planned on Thurdays. What a pleasure to see children swaying their hips to the sound of music ! They are all waiting for this evening.

*To relax, we also offer an outdoor cinema. Come and watch family movies under the stars! 

Oenological discovery

Come and discover an exceptional soil. Dive into the heart of a wine region to meet the wine, the winegrowers and their vineyards. Come and listen to their fascinating stories, their love and respect for the earth.

We can propose you some oenological tours on foot or by bike for the bravest ones. You will go and discover the estates we particularly appreciate for their welcoming and the quality of their Organic or Biodynamic Farming certified wines.